Startup of the Week: Captain Brew Coffee redefines ready-to-drink beverages

Mon, 2019-03-04 23:17

Cold brew fans can now enjoy a new brand in the market. Captain Brew Coffee was set up and launched last autumn by Mohammed Sabbagh, a 37-year-old engineer from Saudi Arabia.

“It is intended to redefine the cold brew, ready-to-drink beverages in the region,” Sabbagh told Arab News.

He explained that the concept emerged in Jeddah’s Medd Cafe and Roastery and that the packaging idea also came about that same day, with the help of Medd’s Mohammed Hashani. It was decided after much brainstorming that the packaging should be like beer bottles.

“The labels were created by the designer Shahzad Nazer. Her creativity and designs brought the product to life and, with the ideas I provided, she transformed the bottles.”

The range started with two flavors — original and coconut — and received positive feedback.

The support encouraged him to debut the product in Jeddah’s Homegrown Market, just 23 days from when the idea was conceptualized.

“On launch day we sold quite a few bottles and gathered feedback from those who tasted the first two products. Some of the feedback received was that the bottle size was too big and the price was slightly high. As a result we responded by introducing our standardized size of 250ml with optimized pricing.” 

More flavors came along — Roko Berr and Arabicolada — while the latest creation was inspired by a cultural festival. 

“My most recent flavor is Peachula. Its label design drew inspiration from the Al Ula balloon festival that took place during Winter at Tantora. We use fresh organic coffee beans from Medd. The ground specialty coffee is soaked in water for 21 hours at a cool temperature. 

“Our coffee blends are premium and from various regions including Yemen and Ethiopia. The water used is bottled with low sodium, and the flavors are all natural.”

Captain Brew Coffee products can be found in many places in Jeddah such as Sofa Lounge, Arty Cafe, Juice Container and The Sandwich Gallery.

The brand took part in a number of public events including International Coffee Week last November and concerts held at King Abdullah Economic City.

“Captain Brew Coffee is planning to introduce a smaller size bottle that will target the mass market and be focused toward modern trade markets with a longer shelf life and more competitive pricing scheme.”

Keep up with Captain Brew Coffee on Instagram: @captainbrewcoffee

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Source: AN-Food and Health
Startup of the Week: Captain Brew Coffee redefines ready-to-drink beverages