Say cheese! Fondue’s unlikely return

The Swiss national dish is making a comeback. Here’s how to make the classic, and, if you are not keen on resurrecting the 1970s staple, some modern twists

The fondue is back. New research claims we are seeing a resurgence of a 1970s dinner-party set piece. Oxford University research has concluded that the fondue’s potential as a sharing dish and conversation piece is part of the attraction, but also the comforting enveloping nature of all that melted cheese (don’t forget the digestion/heartburn remedy chaser).

The research also considers whether the fact that the dish comes from a small thriving nation outside the EU is appealing to our post-Brexit fears. In the 1930s, fondue became the national Swiss dish and was championed by the Swiss Cheese Union as part of a campaign for the “spiritual defence of Switzerland”.

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Source: theguardian
Say cheese! Fondue’s unlikely return