Pompette, Oxford: ‘Worth saving up for’ – restaurant review

Oxford’s chattering classes should flock here to eat fine classic French dishes. And chat…

Pompette, 7 South Parade, Oxford OX2 7JL (01865 311166). Snacks, starters, charcuterie and cheeses £4.50-£14. Mains £16-£36. Desserts £6.50-£8.50. Wines from £19

Being a journalist is a licence to ask outrageous questions. A notebook in your hand is a badge. It says: I am not asking you about this sensitive matter because I am nosy, but because my job demands it. Now tell me again, you did what? With whom? And exactly how much Swarfega was involved? Not long after I took over this column 20 years ago, I concluded that a notebook and a restaurant table were the perfect combination. People relax when they are eating well. Then they talk.

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Source: theguardian
Pompette, Oxford: ‘Worth saving up for’ – restaurant review