OpenTable now lets you pick your restaurant table

Do you love that certain table by the window? The cozy wall booth? Or maybe you just want to avoid the seats near that endlessly swinging kitchen door?

OpenTable now lets you choose.

The online restaurant reservations specialist has launched a Seating Options feature on all of its platforms, and about a third of its clients worldwide are already participating by providing schematics of their seating arrangements.

“With Seating Options, diners have the flexibility and freedom to make each dining experience exactly what they desire, whether it’s an awesome scene by the bar or a quiet spot outdoors,” said Joseph Essas, chief technology officer at OpenTable, in a statement. “It’s also a powerful tool for restaurants, who can now offer diners even more choice, while maximizing every seat in the house.”

The app allows restaurants to label tables on their floor plan as either standard, bar, high top, outdoor or counter.

For many diners and restaurants, the ability to reserve previously “first come, first served” spots such as bar seating and patio tables is brand new — and should open up access.

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Source: mercurynews
OpenTable now lets you pick your restaurant table