Nigel Slater’s summer courgette recipes | Nigel Slater recipes

Grilled or fried, these seasonal greens are at the heart of a summer supper

The courgettes keep on coming. Anyone with a plant in a pot will already be wondering when they are going to stop. By August we will all be begging for mercy. I like them best when they are small, halved or sliced lengthways, cooked on the grill, then dropped into a dressing of olive oil, lemon and basil. That way, they can be tossed with pappardelle and capers or served with paper-thin slices of beef or with grilled prawns. You can tuck them into a soft bun with garlic mayonnaise, and I particularly value them with grated parmesan, more basil and lumps of burrata.

You can stop the courgettes in their tracks by cooking the flowers. A light airy batter in scarily hot oil and you have crackling fritters to serve with a wedge of lemon and grains of salt. This time I swapped my usual accompaniments for a bowl of fresh, soft cheese through which I had stirred salted, grated courgette.

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Source: theguardian
Nigel Slater’s summer courgette recipes | Nigel Slater recipes