Cooking vegan needn’t be a challenge | Anna Jones

Vegan cookery can be a challenge for meat-eaters, and even vegetarians, at first. Here are my tips to make it easy and fun…

My brother became vegan 10 years ago, and ever since then I’ve been cooking for him. Even five years ago, everywhere we went he couldn’t eat a dessert; for mains, he’d invariably end up with chips and salad. I tried things from brownies – which were easy – to banoffee pie, which was a challenge, because it needs whipped cream. When I found that you could whip the set bit in cold cans of coconut milk into a pillowy dream, it was a revelation. Lots of recipes I make to this day came out of that successful experiment.

Vegan cooking can require a bit more thought, but that’s not to say it has to be complicated or fancy. The trick is to ensure you have something sweet, something sour, a bit of heat or earthy spice, something green and verdant. Soups and stews need a texturally exciting topping: gremolata, rosemary-fried croutons, crushed nuts.

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Source: theguardian
Cooking vegan needn’t be a challenge | Anna Jones